Pilot Customer Program

HETEROMERGE officially launches its pilot customer program to provide preferred partners with early access to the MergeOne multi-material hardware platform. The program is limited to ten pilot customers, who will receive our innovative technology in April 2023 one year before the official product launch.

Join our pilot customer program today! You can be one of the world’s first customers in a preferred group exclusively receiving our complete hardware bundle for your projects and feasibility evaluation along with prime technology, material, and customer support.

Your benefits as a pilot customer in the program are:

  • 50% price reduction on initial system purchase,
  • receiving three years of free-of-charge support for your R&D (including the newest material and process parameters),
  • receiving for one year the latest functional system upgrades,
  • getting a 50% discount on the latest system if you trade in your prototype within the first three years,
  • getting one year free-of-charge on-site service (excl. travel),
  • and being invited to an exclusive scientific pilot customer meeting.

The official registration period is from October 1st, 2022 until March 31st, 2023. The first prototypes will be delivered in April 2023.

Please contact robert.kirchner @heteromerge.com.

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