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Two-Photon Multi-Material 3D-Printing

HETEROMERGE offers complete multi-material solutions for 3D micro-printing to realize high-performant functional systems. Based on our multi-material print head, we provide automated in situ material exchange in two-photon 3D laser-printing.

This enables unique advantages like:

  • Perfect Alignment: We change the materials. Your print object stays in the laser focus.
  • Fast prints: The automated material exchange allows much faster multi-material printing.
  • Substrate independent: You can print on single devices and up to wafer-level.
  • Highest resolution: The base technology provides feature size and roughness down to nanometer scale.

Our Vision & Mission

We at HETEROMERGE want to remove design, function and production barriers in the world of tiny 3D structures to enable functional additive manufacturing from nano- to millimeter-scale for efficient fabrication from prototyping to medium-volume production to let you focus on the design and function of your desired structures.

To enable our customers to implement their visions, we support them with system, material and service solutions for best multi-material printing experience to leverage prototyping and medium-scale production. To achieve this we innovate the complete system-integration of precision polymer components in optics, mechanics, and fluidics. With our innovative print-heads as full-system extension to two-photon laser lithography systems we expand these state-of-the art high-resolution 3D-printers into functional additive manufacturing tools.

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