HETEROMERGE stands for high-precision functional 3D micro-printing, thus, for smallest freeform 3D structures made from different materials.

Why different materials?
Because it allows for changing structural properties in additive fabrication over a wide spectrum and enables deep integration of multiple functions into tiny 3D structures in one printing process.

Why is this important?
There are many applications requiring micro-fluidics, micro-mechanics, or micro-optics with different functions integrated into a single free-form structure. To name just one example: one can print compact compound optics, that enable miniaturized and lightweight camera modules in mobile, airborne, or minimally invasive medical applications.

And what does that lead to?
Because of the advantages that multi-material printing offers, it will prevail over mono-material printing in 3D in the same way that color printing has prevailed over black-and-white printing in 2D. Users design their desired structure and select the desired materials, start printing and get the desired result in a single print process.

A radically new technological approach is needed to enable functional – or multi-material – 3D micro-printing. We have already taken the first steps towards this vision by developing our MergeOne printing platform.

Our Achievements

  1. Basic idea of a possible implementation of high-precision multi-material printing on the fundamental principle of material exchange in an open-fluidic system.
  2. Demonstration of the feasibility of material exchange in an open-fluidic system.
  3. Proof of Concept of multi-material prints on a 2PP printer using our technological approach. The idea of the multi-material printhead and the commercialization of this technology was born.
  4. Funding from the German government for selected high-tech spin-offs from German scientific institutions.
  5. Development of prototypes of our multi-material printhead for 2PP printers – the MergeOne was born, an add-on for existing 2PP printers.
  6. Start of delivery of the pre-series prototype of our MergeOne to pilot customers as part of a pilot customer program financed by pre-seed investors.
  7. Market launch of our MergeOne as a product available to customers.


We plan further developments in our multi-material print head technology and control software to enable functional 3D microstructures for a broader spectrum of applications and volume production.

For the implementation, we need fully dedicated partners on our side who are willing to accompany us financially, professionally, and personally on our way into the described multi-material future.

Currently we’re looking for seed funding.

Are you with us? Then Contact Jörg Knorr: