MergeOne and MORE

MergeOne And More

MERGEONE - the 2-photon polymerization System Add-on

Immerse yourself in the world of functional 3D micro-printing. Create multi-material 3D microprints with 2PP 3D printing like never before with the HETEROMERGE® MergeOne.

It is based on our fluidic delivery technology and does not affect the performance of your 2PP system. The MergeOne system consists of several operational components that smoothly integrate into existing 2PP systems to enable multi-material 2PP printing.

In addition, the system is delivered with sophisticated control software and supporting components for improved ease of use, seamless integration, and the safety of the upgraded 2PP printer. All components are delivered in a durable aluminum casing and installed by our engineers. Additionally, you will receive intensive user training.

MergeOne components

  • Printhead with objective guard
  • SCULPTOR control software
  • Hardware control electronics
  • Wide-angle process camera
  • System feedthrough and fluidic handling
  • Material reservoirs and controls
  • Safety features

System specifications

  • Open system (commercial, custom materials)
  • 2+1 materials (2 changing + 1 initial)
  • Viscosity between 0.5 Pas and 35 Pas
  • For ZEISS 63x, 25x, 10x objectives
  • Up to 8 bar (CDA, N2)
  • Down to -900 mbar (pumps on request)

MergeOne is currently available for the following systems of Nanoscribe

  • Photonic Professional GT
  • Photonic Professional GT+
  • Photonic Professional GT2

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MergeOne operational and supporting system components

Printhead with objective guard

The printhead is connected to the resin reservoir, controlled via the system feedthrough, and realizes the open fluidic exchange inside the 2PP printer. It is mounted to the focusing objective with a quick release mechanism for different objectives for user convenience. It can be easily removed for normal 2PP operation.

SCULPTOR control software

SCULPTOR controls your multi-material print processes. It communicates with the printer, with sensors and actors, which grants you a convenient object development workflow as well as a fully automated printing of your products. Within this software, we provide standard exchange recipes for tested and certified materials.

Hardware control electronics

The hardware control is the system interface between SCULPTOR, the 2PP printer, and the printhead. It provides precision regulated pressure and vacuum to drive the open-fluidic exchange technology. It is connected to our own laser-safe system feedthrough into the 2PP system and the resin reservoirs. It can remain permanently installed without affecting the 2PP printer.

Support and auxiliary components (separately available)

We provide additional features to ensure a simple to learn, confident and 2PP system safe multi-material printing by the following components, which are also separately available without MergeOne. 

  • Full print area surveillance with additional camera
  • Washing station for system purging
  • Objective sealing system to avoid resins spills
  • Damping system for piezo protection during handling


Our promise is to get you up and running with MergeOne as quick as possible, whether you are an experienced 2PP user or completely new to the world of 2-photon based 3D printing. We will be there for you whenever you need us!
“We were the first users and the system was brand new. HETEROMERGE gave us great support, far beyond our expectations.”
Prof. Harald Giessen
University Stuttgart
“We have received the first-ever Photonic Professional GT2 add-on from HETEROMERGE. We cannot wait to get started”
Angeliki Afentaki
Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V.
“Thanks to the intensive training I feel confident to get started with the MergeOne! The first prints were promising.”
Huib van Vossen
University of Twente


If you do not possess your own 2PP system or want to determine if the HETEROMERGE technology can realize your concepts of multi-material 3D microstructures, we provide various testing and printing services.


You have a CAD file of your desired multi-material 3D microstructure and want to check whether it can be implemented using our printing process.


You have an idea of your desired multi-material 3D microstructure and want to check whether and how it can be implemented with our printing process.


You have an multi-material 3D microstructure, know the substrate and it is clear that we can implement your print. It usually follows MergeStudy.

Challenge us with your multi-material 3D microstructure: