HMRG 2nd time at Photonics West

The end of January is an important time for the photonics industry as it marks the end of one year and the beginning of another. Photonics West, which is the world’s leading event for lasers, biomedical optics, biophotonic technologies, quantum, and optoelectronics, recently took place in San Francisco. The event brought together the community to discuss breakthroughs and the latest technology trends.

From January 30th to February 1st, we showcased our innovative multi-material technology and the latest developments of our patented printhead technology for multi-material 2-photon 3D printing at the German Pavilion. We are proud to say that our system, called MergeOne, is commercially available as an extension to the Nanoscribe Photonic Professional GT series (GT, GT+, GT2) with the first customers served in Europe and the Unites States of America. We also introduced our optimized printing materials for multi-material printing with MergeOne for fluorescence labeling.

Our technology enables in-situ exchanging of the print material, saving processing time and manual handling steps. This allows for the creation of very compact and highly performant micro-optics, e. g., for miniaturized endoscopes that benefit patient comfort and improve medical diagnostic quality. Additionally, our technology can be used to improve photonic integrated circuit coupling in high-speed data centers and create lightweight optics for next-generation consumer smart devices such as smart glasses, smartphones, or other gadgets.


The last weeks we were on tour again and we attended at two important events: The MNE Conference (Micro and Nano Engineering Conference) September 25th-28th in Berlin and MST Congress (MikroSystemTechnik Kongress) October 23rd-25th in Dresden.
At our booth, we presented our MergeOne, which works as an add-on to two-photon lithography systems. For the first time multi-material 3D printing and thus functional 3D micro-printing become possible on these systems, which enables interesting new applications in micro-optics photonics and beyond.
We had great discussions on potential applications with customers and development partners as well as interesting conversations at networking events during the conference and congress in great locations and pleasant atmosphere. Thanks to all who came to our booth to learn more about the possibilities of FUNCTIONAL 3D MICRO-PRINTING.
A big thank you goes to micro resist technology, who organizes the MNE in Berlin and the VDE for organizing the Congress in Dresden.

Another pilot unit delivered by HMRG

Another milestone is accomplished!

We delivered our next multi-material print head as upgrade for 2-photon 3D laser printers. At the University of Twente, the NanoLab of the MESA+ institute is now officially member of our pilot customer program. Prof. Arturo Susarrey Arce, academic staff at the Mesoscale Chemical Systems Chair, will use our latest system to expand the possibilities of high-resolution 3D printing into functional 3D printing using multi-material approaches. We are curious about the first results of the next MergeOne system upgrading a Nanoscribe Photonic Professional system.

HMRG delivers next pilot device

We are proud and happy!

We just installed the MergeOne multi-material 2-photon printing add-on at our next pilot customer, the Laser Center Hannover e.V. (LZH) within the Optical Systems Group of Dr. Moritz Hinkelmann. The group is focusing on a wide spectrum ranging from optical components to functional optics and laser-based illuminations system as well as ultrashort pulse lasers including their design and generative manufacturing.

Microtechnology advances drug and bioagent delivery

We enable printing microneedles from two different materials to optimize mechanical stability and the biocompatibility of microneedle arrays.

Microtechnology advances microneedles for drug and bioagent delivery by reducing patient pain as well as tissue damage due to miniaturized fabrication methods. High resolution 3D printing enables rapid turn arounds in fabrication as well as personalized customization in point-of-care environments for smallest feature sizes. One challenge is combining sub 5 um feature resolution with suitable materials that satisfy both biocompatibility and mechanical needs at the same time. Two-photon-absorption (TPA) based 3D laser printing can reach smallest features well below 500 nm and smoothest surfaces. We provide a multi-material system for TPA printers based on an automated, efficient and high-accuracy in-situ material exchange.

The pictures show an overview, zoom-in and close-up for about 30 micrometer wide and 75 micrometer tall microneedles, where the base is printed from the commercial print material IP-Dip and the top segment is automatically printed onto the base using our customized dye doped material PETAd along with our by our MergeOne print head installed into a
GT2 printer system TU Dresden.

HMRG at W3+ Fair

HMRG at W3+ Fair 05.04.2023 Also this year we were at the W3+ fair, which was held on 29.03 and 30.03. In the beautiful City of Wetzlar – the birthplace of the world-famous Leica camera and a leading center of the optics industry in the booming high-tech region Hesse – 2 days were dedicated to HMRG at W3+ Fair

HMRG first time at Photonics West

HMRG first time at Photonics West 09.02.2023 This year HETEROMERGE was for the first time at the Photonics West in San Francisco. This is one of the biggest exhibitions in the fields of optics and photonics as well as for the related manufacturers. It was a long flight there, but it was worth it. We HMRG first time at Photonics West

HMRG selected as Spinoff to watch in 2023

HMRG selected as Spinoff to watch in 2023 16.01.2023 On the 9th of January we got new attention by the media. This time 3dprint.com had chosen us as one of a group of 3D printing start-ups which should be watched out for in 2023. And that is right because we are not only establishing our HMRG selected as Spinoff to watch in 2023

Legal incorporation of HETEROMERGE GmbH

Legal incorporation of HETEROMERGE GmbH 05.01.2023 Today, we are happy to announce our company´s legal incorporation. After a long phase of lab-scale technology optimization, a successful EXIST Transfer of Research project and the first partner that is using our MergeOne multi-material print head for automatic material exchange in 2-photon laser 3D printing,we are happy to Legal incorporation of HETEROMERGE GmbH

HMRG wins TUClab award

HMRG wins TUClab Award 14.10.2022 We are pleased to announce that we have won as one of three teams this year’s TUClab Award. Along with Plasmotion and ReViSalt, we are the proud winners of the 5th TUClab Award. The competition is supported by the TU Chemnitz and sponsored by the Sächsische Aufbaubank. The aim of HMRG wins TUClab award